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 You can now subscribe to Al Ashghal Al Moysra IPO offered in the secondary market (Nomu) from 07 July , 2024 until July 15, 2024, through Riyad Capital application and Riyad Capital Online.
  You can also view the prospectus by clicking here.

     Subscription conditions:
  • Investment account with Riyad Capital.
  • The client must be qualified in the secondary market (Nomu) – If the client is eligible, please contact customer care unit at 920012299
  • The subscription amount will be deducted from client investment account.

   You can also follow the subscription steps by clicking on the links below
    Download the application now:

    For more information, please contact us on 92001299

Riyad Capital is a closed joint stock company with a paid-up capital of 500 million riyals, Commercial Registration No. (1010239234) and operates under license from the Capital Market Authority No. (07070-37), Address of the General Administration: Granada Oasis 2414 Al Shuhada District - Unit No. 69, Riyadh 13241 - 7279 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Every investor must read the prospectus carefully before making any investment decision regarding subscribing to the offered shares. Investing in the offering involves some risks that may not be suitable for all investors, and the technical means that are used to pro- vide services are subject to technical risks, so every investor must be prepared to bear the risks associated with any investment in the subscription shares, and any investor can obtain advice financial information from a licensed financial advisor regarding his financial position and investment objectives in this IPO. The value of the units and the income generated from them and their prices can go up and down at any time. It is possible for the investor to re- cover an amount less than the amount he originally invest- ed. Riyad Capital, its employees, or one or more of its affiliates or clients may have a financial interest in the relevant securities. or has provided or during the preceding 12 months significant securities business advice or services to an issuer of the relevant securities or related securities.


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